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Get Involved

How can you get involved with the Lurch project?

There are many ways to help further this project. We design and build this software as a free service to the mathematical community, and the more help and involvement we have from that community, the better an overall product we will all build together.

Your choices:

  • Just download Lurch, launch the Tutorial from the Help menu, and let us know what you think! We can make this software better if we know what instructors and students need it to do (and what bugs to fix).
  • Join our email list.
    Get help on using Lurch, give your thoughts on where the project should go next, talk to other users for ideas, share yours.
  • Give some assignments that use Lurch, and send us your students’ feedback.
    We have suggested survey questions you could ask them, and if you teach near one of the primary developers, we’ll come over, buy lunch, and hold a focus group with any interested students.
    To see what a student workflow in Lurch looks like, see the videos page.
  • Write and share math topics online.
    Instructions on how to do this with the next release (early 2012) of Lurch will appear here soon.
    To see how easily an instructor can create new math topics, see the videos page.
  • If you’re a programmer, we would love to have your help writing the Lurch application itself, or the Javascript libraries that go into it. We use an open development model and free collaboration tools. Contact us!
  • If you have math and/or computer science students who would like to help us out for a semester (e.g., for a senior thesis project), that would work great. We have supervised 7 student developers in the past, two of them remotely (via videoconferencing, phone, instant messaging, and email). We can do this for your students, too, even if you yourself are not a programmer. (There are also math-only topics available, for non-computer-science students.) Email us!