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How can I quickly format a math expression?

When typing math expressions such as $$x=\cos(t)\Rightarrow \vert x\vert \leq 1$$ it is traditional to italicize the variables like \(x\) and \(t\), but not the function name \(\cos\), the integer \(1\) or the other math symbols. Lurch automatically formats such expressions this way when you wrap the expression in a a meaningful expression bubble (highlight it and press CTRL+[).  You can take advantage of this auto-formatting even for math expressions that are in commentary by temporarily wrapping them in a meaningful expression bubble, and then destroying the bubble (highlight the expression, press CTRL+[ and then CTRL+SHIFT+backspace).  This can save you a lot of typing when trying to italicize just the identifiers that aren’t functions in an expression in commentary.


Note that if you don’t want Lurch to auto-format the contents of a meaningful expression bubble, you can turn off auto-formatting for that bubble by right clicking on the bubble and choosing Stop auto-formatting from the context menu.  This is useful if you want to override the default formatting of a meaningful expression.

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