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How can I quickly bubble things from the keyboard?

If you want a fast way to bubble something there is one hotkey you should learn: CTRL+ENTER (use COMMAND in place of CTRL in all hotkeys on a Mac). If you press this without selecting any text it opens a selection menu showing the kinds of bubbles it can insert (unless you are inside an existing bubble in which case it will show you the kinds of bubbles you can change the current bubble to). If you select some text and then press this hotkey you can wrap the selection in whatever type of bubble you like. This latter version also works inside of other bubbles. In particular, inside of rule definitions it allows you to quickly and easily bubble selections as rule conclusions, premises, assumptions, etc.

In addition, there are even faster ways to enter bubbles directly if you know what kind of bubble you want and don’t want to wade through the CTRL+ENTER popup menu.

CTRL+[ = insert a generic ME bubble

CTRL+< = insert a label bubble pointing left
CTRL+> = insert a label bubble pointing right
CTRL+; = insert a reason bubble pointing left
CTRL+' = insert a reason bubble pointing right
CTRL+: = insert a premise bubble pointing left
CTRL+" = insert a premise bubble pointing right

If you look at the keyboard, the hotkeys for the property bubbles are laid out like something like this:

  : " (premise left/right)
  ; ' (reason left/right)
< >   (label left/right)

which is sort of natural and easy to remember because they are all in a cluster geometrically on the keyboard and left and right property directions correspond to the left and right key in the pair. Furthermore, if you want to increment or decrement the arrow number on a property bubble after you create it, press the left/right hotkey for that bubble type with your cursor inside the bubble.

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