The word processor that can check your math


The following PDFs contain the most important documentation available within Lurch. These documents were generated by Lurch for posting on the web. You can access them from within the software through the Help menu. You can also find Introductory Videos on this website.

Note that the hyperlinks do not work in the PDFs, but do work in Lurch. In particular, links to the interactive tutorial only make sense from within the software itself. To take the tutorial, first get a copy of Lurch from our Downloads page, then find the tutorial on the Help menu.

Brief Introduction for Students

This file gives a very quick 4-step process for how a student can tell Lurch to check a step of their mathematical work.

Download Brief Introduction for Students PDF

Brief Introduction for Instructors

This file gives a very quick 5-step process for how an instructor can teach Lurch a rule that his or her students should be allowed to use in their work.

Download Brief Introduction for Instructors PDF

Advanced User’s Guide

This file covers almost all aspects of Lurch use in great detail. It is recommended that you begin elsewhere, such as the above files, the interactive tutorial within Lurch itself, or our Introductory Videos page.

View the Advanced User’s Guide v1.0 

Source Code Documentation

Programmers and software developers who want to look at the documentation for the actual Lurch program itself can view our Doxygen documentation.