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Free Lurch Book

If you’re looking for a careful introduction to Lurch, look no further than the free, online introductory logic textbook forallX, now updated to include Lurch lessons throughout.

Original text

For several years, this author (Nathan Carter) has used the textbook forallX by P.D. Magnus in his introduction to logic course for honors students at Bentley University (MA305H).  It’s clear, it’s free, and it covers a lot of interesting material.  It only accounts for about two-thirds of the course, and the other third is various uses of logic.

Lurch integration

Since Lurch became mature enough to handle the course content, I wanted a book that integrated Lurch lessons through the course, for ease of use by my students and ease of adoption by other professors.

Since Magnus’s text was free and open-source, I was permitted to take his work and adapt it to my setting.  I did so in Summer 2013, and forallX in Lurch was born.  I used the new text in my logic course in Fall 2013, and have posted it on the web under the same license as the original.

(The original text–without Lurch–is on Magnus’s website.)

What’s it good for?

This new text serves two main purposes.

  1. If you’re teaching a logic course and want to use Lurch, adopting this text will save your students money and save you time integrating the software into the course, because that’s already done by the book.  Corresponding .lurch file downloads are on the book website.
  2. Know math but not Lurch?  Want to learn without figuring it all out on your own?  Flip through the text, skip the math you already know, and just focus on the software lessons.  They begin at the very beginning (installing Lurch and typing text) and end at the advanced (declaring variables and using them in proofs with quantifiers).

Enjoy!  As always, feedback is welcome, especially on our email list.

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